Gift Suggestions

The folks at Radar magazine have compiled a list of the most dangerous playthings of all time (though it really only covers 1950 or so onward; I'm guessing paleolithic toys would have bumped some current entries off the list).

As a parent, I'd ask all three of our readers to review the list to make sure they don't inadvertantly purchase any.


New New York Architecture

Got two million for a studio apartment? A. A. Gill tells you all about the unique, one-of-a-kind imported style you'll get for your money in New New York.

Yeah, the closing moral is lame, but the digs throughout rock. (If you're like me, you'll have to think about the Amish one for a moment.)


Unstoppable Filing System

So I spend a fair amount of time over at 43 Folders, and can tell you what the Noguchi filing system is, and Molly makes fun of me listening to the podcasts — but it's interesting, and may even get me more organized.

Still, I'll never be as organized as this woman. (There are 189 more episodes, if you liked that one.)