Archaeology Link

I know Mÿke hates it when I link and run, but this archaeology story was too interesting not to share. Plus WTF has he posted lately?


Success with School Choice in...

San Francisco? (The one in California?)

I guess it helps to call it something else. Maybe we could get some San Franciscan parents to spread the good news here in DC, which has similar population (20% smaller), area (50% larger), and local nuisances (earthquakes vs. Congress).


These are your teeth....

.... on socialized medicine.


I hear the UK's standard of cardiovascular care falls below even neighboring European countries.

What next? Yikes!

(Good catch, George.)


DIY in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the socialist experiment pushes gloriously onward by giving the workers the means of production — of dental care.

In unrelated news, Hyman Roth is apparently alive and well and living in England.


You go NOW

You'll need to read the quotes from the restaurant people out loud in order to derive maximum enjoyment from this piece.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Wendy Dershem may think twice before leaving that egg roll on her plate at her next Chinese buffet.
The Des Moines woman, her boyfriend and her two children were kicked out of a restaurant last week after management accused her of leaving too much food on her plate.


Lego Church

I've been saying for a little while now that "Lego" is clearly the Danish word for "caltrop" (I'm a parent, remember).

But here's what you can get if you actually put the damn little things together instead of scattering them around on the bedroom floor in the dark. Make sure to read both the FAQ (insightful) and the Construction log (hilarious).

(Hat tip to Chris Tyrrell.)


Regulate Gasoline Retailers

I've changed my mind.

In New Jersey, anyway, we should heavily regulate the gasoline retailers' trade association.

I decree that, post haste, a spare nun with a long ruler be found and dispatched to the aforementioned trade group in nearby Springfield to bloody the knuckles of its newsletter editor. This should be followed by vigorous vocabulary, diction, and sentence diagramming instruction.