Knife amnesty results

British police conducting a knife amnesty (sic) program were quite surprised at one item. Lacking the cultural sensitivity of us Americans, they overreacted and probably offended a population that you really, really shouldn't.

Geek points to anyone who can name the weapon (and spell it correctly). Extra geek points for cartoon links.

(PS: "Knife amnesty"? WTF? Did the NRA make this up? What's next, baseball-bat -- I mean, cricket-bat -- amnesties?)


The only Red Sox related item you'll ever see me post...

This is one of my co-workers' kids.

Not to mention he's also a recipient of a lot the Jimmy Fund has to offer. If you met this kid in person you'd immediately be taken over by his engaging personality.



Oh why is the "I" capitalized in English

NYT Magazine writed waxes poetic as to the derivation of the capitalization of English's first-person-nominative-pronoun. Is it because of some odd sense of self-importance? Is it associated with our collective greed as a culture? Doubtful. I think it's another hook thrown in there to confuse foreigners -- see all of the -nyms and -graphs in our language.

Calvin and Jobs

I found this gem through Digg. What I won't let happen here is my disgust for Digg bleed through into this post. It's not like I actually READ Digg on a regular basis, I just happened to have it in my RSS reader. What I really don't like is that I cannot just go from RSS directly to the topic, I must go through the discussion page first. Why can't they be more like Daring Fireball?

(Yes, DF is off my shitlist as I finally received BOTH of my t-shirts.)