It's been a long time...

I don't know why I stopped blogging right around the time Rob and George stopped blogging here. A lot has happened since the last time I posted something in November of 2008 -- I have two daughters now, Pilar (21 months) and Pasqualina (4 months), more gray hair, the same job, a lower interest mortgage (twice), and a new desire to start blogging again.

There are a number of topics I could wax poetic on from politics, to music, to child rearing, to computers, to zombies, etc. However, being the ADD person I am, I can't seem to settle on a topic. Even if I were to settle on a topic I don't think I could settle on a sub-topic. In fact, I prefer just rambling on and on and on and on.

I could write about work but that would just get my blood boiling and then I'd shut down again. I need a creative outlet, someplace where I can be creative. This might be the place.

Family Shot 1975

That's Rob on the left, me in the stroller (and awesome pink diamond-plate-pattern-pants), and George on the right. Yes, the woman in the picture is our mother. This shot was taken in 1975 I believe. The 70's were awesome.


That's little Pasqualina Maribel just after she was born. Well, ok, sometime is the past three months, OK?

That's Pilar Penelope in Hoboken, NJ back in May. She wanted to go to Hoboken, so we took her.

Cruise 005

Those two people? Those are our parents, Bob and Catherine. This photo was taken on their latest cruise.

So, that's about all I got for the blog for today. I will try to think up some topics that will bring traffic to the site and people clicking my Amazon links so I can earn a penny or two in 2011.