(Not a typo: it's Dutch.)

A Dutch artist has made a video of her and her notebook that you won't want to miss.

Hat tip: Dubious Quality


Pay Toilets in Space

So it seems like the governments on the ground are getting antsy about other nations' astronauts using their stuff, and have started charging for the use of toilets, among other things.

Interesting that the shift from sharing everything in common to paying for use was initiated by the (hopefully ex-)commies....


Can't even trust his own brother

WOBURN - The half brother of Dane Cook has been ordered held on $1 million bail on charges alleging he stole millions of dollars from the comedian.


The real crime here, of course, is that Dane Cook had millions of dollars in the first place.


Collecting from the Bereaved

Wow. This is just so, so wrong. (And, yeah, linking to the NYT feels wrong, too.)