Free iPhones for Apple employees!

Too bad I'm not an Apple employee. Also, too bad I am locked in to Verizon Wireless until the end of days.

I've been talking about this for forever...

A single line feeding into multiple registers at a store is far more 'fair' than multiple lines at multiple registers. For people's comments on this see here and here. This also fixes the Jackass-at-the-back-of-the-line-rushing-to-the-next-opened-register problem that makes me want to scream.


The RIAA is stupid for different reasons

I don't like the RIAA's legal tactics anymore than the rest of you. It's almost like they took the old James Watt joke and used it as their legal strategy. Can't say it's working for them.
That said, follow this link to Ian Campbell's blog post about why the RIAA's tactics don't really make financial sense.



One thousand, six hundred eighty-three guitar players can't be wrong. Or if they are, I don't wanna be right.

Dvvvv, dvvvv, dvvvvvvvv / Dvvvv, dvvvv dvv-dvv......