Sigh. So it's come to this: linkblogging. OK, here goes.

We start with a stunning image of Manhattan.

Then we move on to an interesting statistical graphic.

And, finally, see if you can tell me what's surprising about this girl. (I'll give you the answer in the comments in a day or two.)


Climate Conference Heats Up

There's not much I can say about this beyond the obvious.


Consider moving

Mÿke might want to consider following our lead out of the Bay State. It seems some state troopers there lost half a pound of Semtex during a training drill when the pickup truck it was hidden on drove off.

A suggestion: don't let these guys use real planes in any future drills.


Dude, this is pretty f---ed up right here

OK, so I used to think Fair Trade coffee was just some hippy-dippy thing that might actually coincidentally help some farmers while making people feel better about getting ripped off for a daily cup of coffee.

But say you're a small family coffee farm and want to sell your coffee to Fair Trade for that princely $1.26 a pound -- sorry, you have to join a co-op first. And if you've done so well that you've hired somebody year-round to help out? Bzzzt. You can't deal with Fair Trade at all.

No word yet on whether the co-ops are required to meet production quotas spelled out in Five-Year Plans. But there is plenty of bureacracy. More here.


Bomb or Not?

See if you have what it takes to be a security screener here.