Sigh. So it's come to this: linkblogging. OK, here goes.

We start with a stunning image of Manhattan.

Then we move on to an interesting statistical graphic.

And, finally, see if you can tell me what's surprising about this girl. (I'll give you the answer in the comments in a day or two.)


Breedo said...

You mean other than the fact that it's not a real picture?

Mike said...

I can tell you what's not surprising...

She's asian and George posted a link to her.


George said...

Breedo got it: she doesn't exist. The photo is completely computer-generated.

WV: kyhyaa <-- refrain of song at camp for kids with speech impediments?

Mike said...


What that graph on the second link appears to say is that Asians have low self-confidence when it comes to studying science. That, or Aussies and Yanks have big freakin' balls!