You go NOW

You'll need to read the quotes from the restaurant people out loud in order to derive maximum enjoyment from this piece.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Wendy Dershem may think twice before leaving that egg roll on her plate at her next Chinese buffet.
The Des Moines woman, her boyfriend and her two children were kicked out of a restaurant last week after management accused her of leaving too much food on her plate.



George said...

Remember that Pennsylvania Dutch all-you-can-eat buffet in Lancaster? (I forget the name.) They basically said the same thing: don't waste food. I'm with the owners on this one; if they had to pay for each Crab Rangoon, you can bet they'd make the kids eat them.

Besides, there's always City Wok.

Oh, and the comedian who did the "You go now!" sketch is John Pinette. Took a while to track that down.

VW: lvofzb -- the noise one makes while eating like a killer whale

George said...

Argh. That should be:

John Pinette

Mike said...


I was just thinking about that buffet in Lancaster the other day. Isn't it called something like Timothy's or Christopher's or Pupernickle's?

...calling dad...

Darn, he's not home.

Robert said...

I think it's Zinn's diner.


Funny, I was trying to remember it, thinking it was German name that perhaps had a Z in it.

Then I recalled a phone conversation I had last night with a buddy who has a new lady friend who thought that, given his interest in things historical, would appreciate a copy of A People's Hisotry of the United States. The thought counted, I gathered, but the book itself inspires a somewhat less appreciative feeling.

Anyway, that's how I remembered the name of the restaurant.

Robert said...

For those interested in hearing 90 seconds of Mr. Pinette on things buffet and asian, check out some of his audios here. Not all of them work, but I have found one that does.