Clearing My Head

I was wondering why I have been thinking much more clearly the past few days. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it to the gym this week, so that's not it.

Then I realize that it's been over a WEEK since I read a New York Times op-ed columnist because I will not pay $49.95 for the privilege. I am not opposed to this on principle because I do pay more than that for my online WSJ subscription. I must admit to missing their newest columnist John Tierney but otherwise my mind is clear of the natterings of Ms. Dowd and Mr. Krugman.

It seems that lots of other folks do not see the value proposition of TimesSelect either. Mickey Kaus has done a wonderfully snarky job covering this. He's always worth a read and doesn't drown his readers in frenetic posting.

His take today:

Does the NYT have an exit strategy? If they pull the plug on TimesSelect, do they have to give all the sucke ... I mean, customers who signed up their $49.95 back?


Jennifer said...


I think you and I might actually agree on something. I also despise the writings of Ms. Dowd. Perhaps not for the same reasons, though.

Robert said...


Just curious. Do you think Dowd is funny?

Jennifer said...


On the whole no, though everyone, I suppose, gets a funny line in once in a while. I think she's Zsa-Zsa Gabor with a Poli-Sci degree. And I loathe how everything she writes in her op-ed column, at its core, is about how fabulous she is & all these fabulous people she knows.