Remastering, or Remaking?

I noticed something strange while watching a Star Trek (the real, original one) rerun a few weeks ago: the special effects seemed much more modern.

Well, it turns out they're upgrading the special effects as they remaster and re-release the old episodes.

Aesthetics aside (the CGI stuff they're adding is much darker and grayer than the colorful, downright 1960s palette of the rest of the show), I just have a queasy feeling about the enterprise.... Wuggedy special effects are, for me, one of the charms of the original series (as with Doctor Who).


Breedo said...

Interesting. I really like the original effects and feel of Star Trek...the stills look great, but they just don't do it for me. I'm real curious how the new effects look in the actual show. Are they running a marathon or series on a certain channel? Or are these just going to start replacing the reruns on whatever local channel airs Star Trek?

Jennifer said...

It's interesting the reason cited for the change in the example linked. What is taken mostly for granted now with computer-generated or computer-manipulated effects really was a difficult thing then. Pre-CGI audiences accepted the fact that matte paintings showed no lighting differences between dawn and noon because to paint two different sets would be an enormous drain on resources, financial and other.

Still, I side with you and am bothered by the changes. In this particular instance, that someone could produce such a beautiful matte painting under the time and budget constraints of a 1960s sci-fi television show is a task to be exalted, not tweaked with photoshop.

Stefan said...

yeah this is just all kinds of wrong. Can't they just leave well enough alone?