Twitter without friends is kind of boring

Twitter without friends (or with very few friends as is my case) is just about as interesting as life without friends (or with very few friends as is not my case.) I know I am ADD, but I don't know if either I'm not ADD enough or too ADD to comprehend how I am supposed to pay attention to Twitter and forsake all of my other responsibilities. Maybe Twitter doesn't have the ADD draw that I need.

Anyone have any suggestions for either 1) making friends on Twitter or 2) approaching Twitter in a different way as to make it actually interesting.

I don't know why I am asking you out there. Jen is already on Twitter and understands it about as well as I do, though she has friends; Stefan is on it and he is one of my two friends (Jen is the other); my brothers might be too ADD to understand Twitter or it's on a completely different plane of thinking and they therefore cannot comprehend. Breedo? Nah, he's too mad at me to understand Twitter. Does anyone else out there read this freakin' blog? Maybe if I mention Twitter again it will boost my Google ad revenue. No?



Stefan said...

Mike there is one route you may consider exploring in regard to twitter friends and that is just slutting it up. So far I have 28 friends. Of those 28 I truly know 2. Mainly my strategy is not to be left behind like I was with MySpace. I got to the party late and looked like a loser (which clearly I am not!) because I didn't have any friends. Not again... NEVER again!

Jennifer said...

I think Twitter needs the following before it can be worthwhile:

1. The ability to display your 'posts' to your friends only

2. The ability to set up channels or groups of friends and direct posts to one or more channels, if wanted

3. Provide at least basic HTML support in posts.