I just got carded buying beer!

I'm almost 35! I couldn't find my license I was so flabbergasted! I don't know for sure why I was made to flash my ID, but it probably had to do with a combination of the following - most likely all of them:

I have very short hair.

I was buying Natural Light.

I am dressed like a teenager - wife-beater, button-down-wrinkled-short-sleaved J.Crew shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

I am stunningly handsome and the girl at the counter just wanted my name and address.



Breedo said...

Dude, they've been carding me the last few years and I've got plenty o' greys these days. Maybe she saw some wrinkles and wanted you to feel good about yourself ;-)

Jennifer said...

I got carded at a bar a couple weeks ago and then the bartender squinted at the license, squinted at me and said, "You're 35?!?"

But in all fairness, he may have been angling for a good tip.

And damn right did he get one!

Scott said...

You're not 35. You don't look a day over 15.