Judith Light's Birthday

It's Judith Light's birthday today; she's 57. She was born in Trenton, New Jersey, and grew up in the house just around the corner from the house we Paci boys used to live in.

(It's also Carole King's birthday; we wore a hole in her Really Rosie LP when we lived there.)


Mike said...

You're scaring me, George. I hadn't thought about Chicken Soup With Rice in about 20 years until last week when I was speaking with a co-worker of mine. I don't remember much about the album aside from Chicken Soup With Rice but remembering it did open the gateway to hell, er, I mean, the 70's femenist propaganda that is Free To Be You and Me. Remember watching that at Kilmer?

Jennifer said...

Did they ever figure out who's the boss?

Robert said...

I thought of Really Rosie (that's the name, not Chicken Soup) the other day when a Carole King song came on the radio.

I also thought of it when I saw the Simpsons a few weeks ago with Maurice Sendak guest appearances form "Where the WIld Things Are".

Anyway, here's a review of reissues both Really Rosie and Tapestry.


Robert said...

If you look at the track list of Really Rosie, you'll notice a track called "Avenue P". My bet is that this was the inspiration for the title of another production that provided source material for a very popular post on our blog last month. Can you guess it?

Mike said...


I was referring to the track titled "Chicken Soup with Rice," not the album. I'm glad to see you still have the compulsion to correct everything whether it needs it or not...

Jennifer said...


I seem to recall that Chicken Soup with Rice song too. Maybe we sang it in kindergarten, or maybe I remember it from Sesame Street. But I definitely remember it.

In fact, now I have eatin' chicken soup with rice stuck in my head not that I would eat chicken soup with rice.

Robert said...


While we're on corrections, it's "feminist propaganda" not "femenist propaganda".