Let me take a second shot at this bloggin' thang...

Two posts in close to two years! I must say, at this rate I may just beat those 1,000,000 monkeys on typewriters...then again, I never really wrote much and when I did, I couldn't read it. It's hard reading what one has written -- there is something personal about it, something weird. Then again, it's probably just me.
I've picked a new template for the blog, maybe now I will get around to posting things. However, I haven't decided on what to post or what the editorial direction of this blog should be.

I can tell you the following:
  • It won't be about my job. I like my job and people don't want to hear about people's awesome jobs -- they want to hear about gross stupidity, butt-headed managers, silly business decisions, etc.
  • It won't be about other blogs. Why should it be? There are enough sites and blogs out there that cover other blogs.
  • It will be work safe.
  • It will have postings and stories about my cats. What can I say, my cats are attention getters and love seeing themselves published all over the web.
  • I may take content from either of my brothers who also just happen to share my surname. (funny how that works)
  • Nobody but my brothers and possibly my father will ever read this blog. (prove me wrong by leaving a comment)

That's about all for now.


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Breedo said...

Comment...proved you wrong...but how lame does that make me??????