Take Me Home Country Road

First weekend of the renovation and my house already looks like it'll fit in nicely in West Virginia. Take a look at the following two pictures from my "bulkhead replacement" project. The old one is rusted with a bit of primer showing through. The new one, in all of its glory hanging under the clothes line, is the WV state color: West Virginia Primer Red. Who knew that spending 4 years in VA could do this to someone...

Notice Manuela in the background of picture number two...in a tube top nonetheless! I can't wait for the Dukes of Hazzard movie to come out.
Also, look at the bags at the corner of the shed...you got it, manure. I really am feeling a little redneckish.


Bilvox said...

tiki torches!?
you're holding out on us ;-)
good luck on the renovations... never fun, but always fulfilling when finished.

Jennifer said...

To complete the west-by-god look all you need is an 8-foot satellite dish on your roof and a rusted-out shell of a car on your front lawn. Barring that, an old wa[r]shing machine will do.

I grew up with folk who thought Tyvek was a brand of siding.

TJ said...

You're quite the handyman Paci.