Yesterday was the day...

OK, the project is a little behind. The dumpster was delivered and placed in the driveway. However, there is still aluminum siding on the house. This project is going to drive me insane.
Why are we redoing the siding and windows?

Take a peek:

No, the house isn't pink -- it's beige. That's what happens to aluminum siding after 50 years. The above picture was taken before we moved in. I believe that this is inspection day. Anyhow, the tree you see in front is no longer there and the landscaping is a bit better out front. I will post more pictures later.


Breedo said...

So what's wrong with the siding? Looks pretty to me.

Sounds like someone is growing up and becoming all domesticated and shit ;-)

drunkenbatman said...

i hate to see trees cut down, especiall ones that have been around for in awhile, but in the case of this particular one i'll make an exception as it's just a 'lil creepy. i swear, its like its waiting to grip the house itself.

Mike said...


I should've noted that the picture in this post is 3 years old. That tree was dead when we bought the house and the town had already slated it for removal. If I had been in the house sooner, I would've hired a tree doctor to work on it.

What brought you to my site? I am an avid reader of yours. Keep up the good work.