Depressing MIDI

Here's a big list of Depressing Classic Rock Songs in MIDI Format.

It delivers what it promises.


Jennifer said...

Don't Fear the Reaper's a classic in any format. Categorizing Dream Academy or Cutting Crew as classic rock makes me feel like an old woman.

Breedo said...

Don't feel old, Jen, feel superior since you know the difference between classic rock and wuss rock! LOL I don't have a problem with Mr. Mister, Lionel Ritchie or the Eurythmics, but no way are they classic rock. Pop would be the term from that era.
Funny, though, that these are considered depressing songs and their what got me through those adolescent years :)

Mike said...

If you plan on writing comments here, you MUST use the "Harvard" comma.

Robert Plant believed in sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.
Breedo doesn't have a problem with Mr. Miser, Lionel Ritchie, or the Eurythmics.


Robert said...

Yeah, Breeden. I thought you were a self-proclaimed punctuation expert.

Breedo said...

Pardon, Rob? I thought you were educated enough to read. I simply said you shouldn't nitpick other people's punctuation when yours isn't perfect. And, as Mr. Woods so appropriately taught us, the comma is not necessary in that situation. It is a preference of some (apparently Mike!) to use one in that situation. But I say, "Bite me!" :-)

Mike said...

Read the design document Mr. Breeden. The charter of this site requires the use of the "Harvard Comma." The Trenton Public Schools taught me that one. Then again, I also learned that one shouldn't reply to an African-American bully's comment of "White Cracker" with "Burned Cookie."

Breedo said...

Charter? We don't need no stinking charter! Haahahahahaha. Ummm, what charter, dude? What's a design document? Why don't you just put disclaimers and regulations in clear type at the top of the page? Sheesh.
BTW, when were you in the Public Trenton Schools? And perhaps I should speak to my mother about the funding of that school ;-)

(Still laughing over the burned cookie line....LMAO)

Mike said...


I attended Joyce Kilmer Elementary School right there on Stuyvesant Ave in Trenton from 1st through 4th grades.

Another funny story:

Rob, George, and I were walking home from school one day when the Afro-bully du jour approached us (he must've been 16 and in the 6th grade) and asked if we had a dime.
We told him, "No."
For some reason George jingles some change in his pocket. Afro-bully then says, "What's that?"
George replies, "They're quarters."
Technically true. And Afro-bully showed his appreciation for the finer points of the English language by kicking George in the stomach.

Breedo said...

LMFAO...Mike, maybe you should lend George the muzzle...lol.