I'm Rick James...

Ok, not really. Here is a pretty good article on Daring Fireball that systematically picks apart another article [boingboing] which was written based on information from this Slashdot article which was based on information from this blurb which came from information a bunch of NDA-burning developers who have their hands on the x86 version of MacOS X.

My favorite blurb:
"I travel in the kinds of circles where many people use GNU/Linux on their computers — and not only use it, but actually call it GNU/Linux instead of just “Linux,” in the fashion called for by Richard Stallman. Some of these people give me grief over the fact that I use Mac OS X instead of GNU/Linux on my Powerbook, because the MacOS is proprietary."

There is a word for these people. That word is asshole. No, wait, zealot. OK, there are two words for these people.

At least I found it funny. Does that make me a geek? So what if I am. I did still find the above clip from the article to be pretty funny.

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