Wisdom of Our Blogfathers (II)

Another of my blog forebears is James Lileks of Minnesota who does a great eclectic blog encompassing political commentary, family anecdotes, and matchbook collections. Yes, that last one is no misprint.

Lileks is also a syndicated columnist with a withering sense of sarcasm. See for yourself in his latest offering Live From New York: It's Ambassador John Bolton.

Now that John Bolton has been installed as United Nations ambassador -- by the time-honored recess appointment or the power-crazed overreach of King Emperor Bush Fuhrer, depending on your point of view -- one can only wonder how he'll do. Here's a hypothetical workday. (Note that he's made it out of Washington without some senators throwing themselves on the train tracks to keep him from leaving. Or, rather, having aides throw themselves on the tracks. Make that interns. Aides might say things under anesthesia.)

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