Barbie, uh, mods

Some British researchers have discovered what kids (girls as well as boys) do to Barbie. Mastectomy surgery wasn't specifically mentioned.


Jennifer said...

"I put away childish things" . . . in the microwave, on high for three minutes until the plastic burns.

I once hung my ballerina barbie from a dogwood tree by her tiara. During the night it rained and some dog bit off the body so that the next morning all that was left was her head spinning from the yarn. Quite grisly, really.

Also, when I was three or four I watched the television production of Jesus Christ, Superstar. The next day I used my PlaySkool Sesame Street action set to re-enact the movie and crucified Mr. Hooper on the lamp post.

Breedo said...

You just answered several questions I had about you :-)

Jennifer said...


I'm sure I'd told you the Mr. Hooper story long ago. It's not my fault your memory is poo.