What to do with free time in Ohio

Growing up in NJ I saw my fair share of gaudiness (and Guidos) but this Ohio family has set a new standard for over-the-top Christmas (yes Christmans, not the generic "holiday") lighting. The "geek" side of me says, "cool" while the homeowner says "not in my backyard."

Here is a link to an explanation of it all: how he did it, the song title, how he piped the sound through an FM modulator so the sound wouldn't disturb the neighbors, etc.


Breedo said...

uh huh huh huh....cool!

Iwonder if they actually pump the music with the display all the time.

Mike said...

Ooops. I forgot to add a link to the explanation...

Here it is. I will add it to the main body of the post as well.