Foresight is NOT 20/20

Even the best journalists get it wrong when they try to divine the future from the entrails of the present.

At least Forbes is willing to reach into the vault occasionally to pull up gems like this:
November 1, 1975

Toyota on Top

This is the year Toyota will become the top auto importer to the U.S. It may also be the company's last hurrah. With the lower end of the compact market increasingly crowded by Datsun and Chevette and Honda, and with the upper end increasingly preempted by Volkswagen, the next few years may not be such a happy ride for Toyota. Toyota Motor Sales' new president, Isao Makino, is watching nervously as GM's new Chevettes begin arriving on dealer floors.

I'm not exactly the picture of style tooling around in my Toyota Corolla but it beats the hell out of a Chevette. I suppose I'd be psyched to be driving one if my previous car was a Pacer. (I actually knew someone like that.)

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George said...

It's hard to even imagine anyone being intimidated by a Chevette (excluding its occupants, of course).

VW: gperx <-- what I get for frequent blogging?