Austrian Town Gets no Sun, Hires Dr. Evil for Solution

Well, not really, but can't you just see it? Secluded mountain town gets no sun from November through February, large corporations (and the EU) foot most of the bill, genetic experiments ensue? Come on, with quotes like:
"I am sure we will soon help other mountain villages see the light," says Markus Peskoller, Lichtlabor's director.
...how can you tell me that nothing sinister is going on? Don't come crying to me when Austrian zombie mountain men start pillaging your town and eating your loved-ones' brains! Come on, the town is in the shadow of Rat Mountain! Something is amiss. I for one do not welcome our new mirror toting, German speaking, you-are-the-sunshine-of-my-life zombie-making masters.


Jennifer said...

/Channels Ken Foree

What's the German for boom-stick?

Breedo said...

No, no, no...not Dr. Evil. It's that benevolent, considerate, and all-powerful Mr. Burns. :-) Ooh, the Austrians...lol.