I need a little Web Developer help here...

For some reason or another the sidebar wants to render below the main section of the blog. I don't know why IE6 does this, nor do I care. (Actually, I do care.) Firefox on Mac and Windows looks fine. Safari on the Mac looks fine. However, IE6 doesn't and I need help. As you can see from the design of this blog, my design skills are a bit limited and I've been away from HTML for so long it all looks Greek to me.
This is a call out to all of the young HTML/CSS Jedi out there to help me out.


9:30 AM: [****Never Mind. I got some help and the issue has been resolved.****]

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Mike said...

You're probably wondering why it looks OK on IE 6 now...

I fixed it with a little help from the guys over at arstechnica's forums.

Here is the thread.