Cisco buys Scientific Atlanta

Arstechnica has a nice little writeup of Cisco's latest aquisition, Scientific Atlanta. Maybe we will now see cable boxes that have features that geeks and non-geeks can use. Since Cisco is in a buying mood, maybe they should pickup TiVO and integrate its technology into the cable box. Cable boxes will still be needed going forward until every last American replaces their analog-only TVs with CableCard 2.0 TVs which would remove the need for cable boxes in the first place. This is going to be interesting.

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Robert said...

$7B is a cheap way to buy yourself into this market. They can position themselves in a number of different ways.

My guess as to why they didn't acquire TiVo (which trades for about $440M) is that some of it's deals contain unfavorable takeover provisions, or they figure that the technology is easily replicated or leapfrogged.

Oh, and Mike, get rid of "scribed by". It's so gay.