SNL - Steve Jobs skit

This is a moderately humorous skit from SNL. However, like most SNL skits, it goes on a bit too long.


Breedo said...

LMFAO! I think it was just right. Oops, I dropped it...where did it go...it's floating...LOL. Just think, even if the ipod "micro" existed, you'd need special sensors in your ears because you can't plug in headphones...LOL.

For some reason I just can't shake the image of Noah Wiley as Steve Jobs...and Michael Anthony Hall as Bill Gates.

Mike said...

I never watched Pirates of Silicon Valley, was it good? I remember in 2000 or so at one of the MacWorld Expos, Noah Wiley came out on stage as Steve Jobs and started to give the keynote. It was pretty funny.

Breedo said...

I don't know how accurate the story line is or how closely the characters were portrayed, but it's an enjoyable movie. I like it :-)