What do you think about this for the marquee?

My Photoshop skills are lacking. However, here is my best effort...
Let me know what you think. I know it's small...it will have to be twice as big...(Zoolander reference? Anyone?)

[Too late, it is now the official paci.blog marquee until, of course, I change it. That could be tomorrow, next week, or the month after.]

[Jen, notice the "Harvard Comma" above.]


Robert said...

What's the photo?

Jennifer said...


Where's the Harvard comma?

Mike said...

Rob, the background photo is of the Contessa's house on St Croix.

Jen, there is no need for the Harvard comma since I was stylistically using conjunctions in between each of the nouns.

"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!"

George said...


Cool marquee. Dibs on "Zoso" for my symbol.

WV: mikzqcru: Superman character's wife? "Mike's quick, are you?"? <-- note the Harvard question mark