Gift Idea

Go see Serenity and you'll understand why I want this t-shirt.


Jennifer said...

I take it you liked the movie?

George said...


Serenity rocked. I caught about half the episodes of the TV show (Firefly), so I was familiar with most of the characters, but I don't think that was necessary to understand and enjoy the movie.

It had a good plot, lots of well-integrated action, cool characters (including a well-done villain), and (this being a Joss Whedon film) great dialog.

Rocked, rocked, rocked. Go see it on the big screen.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah, I saw it on opening night with my son. I enjoyed it a great deal -- it was certainly an entertaining film. You should check out the rest of the series too, if you're so inclined. The last 6 episodes are fantastic, in my opinion.