Blogging isn't easy

There's so much to this blogging thing that isn't easy. You've got to find material, find time, find more time, hope people will read your stuff, take shit when they disagree with you, and correct people after they take you to task for something one of your brothers wrote. Shared blogging, ouch!

Here on Paci.blog we have three distinct personalities...

First there's Rob who takes after our father. He likes to tell you what you NEED to do -- just look at some of his posts. Even when I agree with him, I get worked up because his delivery is so...grating.

Next there's George. He spends his time looking around the web for that one, single, perfect link (usually something nerdy, but that's ok) to post to the blog. Problem is that George is pretty well-read and can do much better than the sophomoric drivel he posts normally. Maybe he thinks he's too smart for our readers (all what, 3 of them) and your measly brains can't handle serious thought. Then again, probably not--he just doesn't have the time with 2 kids and a job and all. I don't even think he has Internet access at home. Poor bastard.

Then there's me. I tend to post stuff that may or may not piss you off and if it does it's probably not that bad and you deserve to be pissed at yourself for getting so pissed at something so innocuous. Make sense? Didn't think so. Unless, of course, you know me. I have the incredible, unmatched ability to get under people's skin and stay there...slowly driving them insane. It's quite fun. A buddy of mine, Doug Mazzoni, helped me hone that skill to perfection.

Look back to some of the early posts of this blog. You should see someone named Breedo taking all sides of an argument just so he can be right. That's unfortunate because he is usually wrong. I don't know how he does it, but he tends to have a cloud following him as well. He envies Charlie Brown's good luck.

I'm basically running at the mouth (keyboard?) here because I haven't posted anything to this site worth a damn in a long time and probably need to sit down and think of something funny or good or such. I know I could write thousands of words on my cats but most people would only read tens of those words before they go elsewhere and look for boobies on the net.

It's amazing how easy it is to get distracted with this net thing. Think of something **ZAP** there it is -- that can be both good (once and for all settling the argument of which blood is the universal donor O+ or O- ... it's O-) and bad (I wonder if there are any nude pics of Kate Beckinsale out there on the interweb .. there are) and ugly (you don't need an example of ugly, it's just way too easy to find.)

I really don't want to use this site to push an agenda (I'm way too lazy for that -- having an agenda, pushing one is way too far out there), but I also don't want it to become a poor-man's fark where it's just another place to go to get to boobies or stupid stuff.

ORIGINAL CONTENT! That's it! We need some original content here that will engage the reader and keep them coming back so that my google ads at the bottom may help me pay off my mortgage...(if you purchase one single ad...)

Just random Sunday night thoughts. Have a good week.



Robert said...

Ahem, who pockets the money for the google ads?

Let's straighten this out while the issue is still fractional pennies.

Right, George?

Mike said...

They're actual pennies. I'm waiting for a Nigerian 419 scam to showup in one of the ad pics...

George said...

Hey, Myke:

Can you change the stylesheet again, this time to something readable? Maybe actual black text on an off-white (ivory or bluish or something) background?

And make it so I can view it in a narrow browser window without it collapsing the entire left margin?

Thanks. Oh, and you can give my cut of the ad revenue to Rob to help him pay his rent (ahem).

VW: Qdsdegq: hip transliteration of latest Iraqi terrorist/insurgent group; rhymes with "Godsmack"