Getting it exactly backwards

Derrick Z. "The Z stands for zstupid" Jackson of the Boston Glob makes the conventional wisdom case, rather poorly in this instance, that the GM/UAW healthcare coverage agreement shows why we need single-payer (i.e. socialized) health coverage in the USA.

He gets it exactly backwards. GM's health plan is the closest thing we HAVE to middle class national health care for all ages (Medicaid is for the poor, Medicare is for the old) in America. It has proved unaffordable because a) it is demographically unstable and b) there is no incentive for the consumers to consume rationally.

What were seeing is GM instituting rationing by raising copayments because it has become clear that no more big piles of cash exist to shore up the top-heavy system.

At least GM has the Chapter 11 gun to hold to the head of the UAW. We would have no such recourse against ourselves as taxpayers.

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