One post accomplishes mentioning my favorite blog, name dropping, tying in to Lawrenceville, and jazzing Mike

From Best of the Web Today . (Butterfield is a reference to Fox Butterfield, a L'ville grad and NY Times reporter who covers crime by writing articles bemoaning the fact that more people are being locked up even as crime goes down. Full disclosure: I had dinner with him last year in Boston [the one at Morton's you didn't get invited to, Mike].)

Butterfield in Reuterville

From a Reuters dispatch on U.S. crime statistics:

The U.S. prison population continued to grow last year even though reports of violent crime during 2004 were at the lowest level since the government began compiling statistics 32 years ago, according to a government report released in September.

The other night, we realized that our degree of drunkenness was continuing to grow even though the liquor in the bottle was at the lowest level since we opened it. Life is full of paradoxes, isn't it?

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